SCF started implementing 2019 projects

Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF) in partnership with the Sudanese Zakat Chamber handed over production means for small projects for indigent families. During her addressing at the handing ceremony, Samia Osman, The general manager of SCF Stated that the projects that were delivered include means for the manufacturing of pastries and soaps, agricultural projects and flour grinding mills. She confirmed the commitment of Sanad to marketing the manufactured products. She further said that the project will be implemented in other states .she revealed that the Camphor oil extracting device was of great use and was used to extract more than 12 volatile oils. For his part, the representative of the Sudanese Zakat Chamber, Dr. Hadi Hamid, said that the project beneficiaries’ were carefully selected to make sure that they can run the projects successfully. Furthermore, he accentuated the complete pledge of the Zakat Chamber to support the stalled projects.

SCF to Sign cooperation agreement with the Japanese embassy in Khartoum

As part of the Foundation’s efforts to support the health sector, Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF) signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese Embassy in Khartoum today. Samia Mohamed Osman, the General Manager of (SCF), welcomed the partnership and described it as distinctive and fruitful. She pointed out in a press statement, that the agreement aims at rehabilitating and maintaining health centers and that the project will be launched in early April in the Northern Sudan state -Al Goled locality. For his part, the Japanese Ambassador in Khartoum welcomed the partnership and called for the implementation of the project in accordance with the standards and specifications in preparation for further future cooperation with SCF in all fields. He further assured that the Japanese government and people are ready to support Sudan to achieve comprehensive health care coverage.

The First Lady Honors SCF Success Partners

During her addressing at partners honoring ceremony, The First Lady and the Chairperson of Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF), Widad Babiker Omer, assured that charitable work in Sudan stems from our customs to establish the values of solidarity and interdependence. The ceremony was attended by local and International organizations, public and private sector partners, editors of newspapers, media leaders and members of the Board of Directors of SCF. Dr. Widad called for concerting efforts for the development of the foundation and the broadening of the partnerships. The General Manager of SCF stated that the Foundation has been working in the field of health, education, capacity-building and refugees supporting in cooperation with partners from inside and outside Sudan. Moreover, Samia pointed out that SCF was granted the consultative status of the United Nations and the African Union for it’s transparency and adhesion to the international standards. At the end of the ceremony, the First Lady honored the embassy of Qatar in Sudan, Al-Muntada organization, Atbara Cement Company, Saving and social development Bank, Sudanese Petroleum Pipeline Company, Sudani Telecommunications Company, Nobles Company and other partners.

The General Assembly approved the Budget and Sanad’s 2019 Plan

The general manager of Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF), Samia Mohamed Osman confirmed during the General Assembly of SCF that the year 2018 was a challenging year, but despite that the Foundation carried out a large number of social and development projects. She further noted that the number of beneficiaries reached (17,050) and nearly (2,551) families benefited from the projects. Moreover she revealed that the year 2019 will mark the inauguration of a number of projects, most notably the field hospital. It worth mentioning that the field hospital will be one of the largest hospitals specialized in the treatment of women and children in Africa. Additionally, Samia accentuated the intention of Sanad to support people with mental disabilities in its plan for the year 2019.

SCF to sign cooperation agreement with the Sudanese Zakat Chamber ‎

The General Manager of Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF), Samia Mohamed ‎Osman and her counterpart at the Sudanese Zakat Chamber, Dr. ‎Mohamed Abdelrazig signed cooperation agreement aiming at exchanging ‎experiences and building bridges of communication between the two ‎institutes. The signing ceremony was honored by the presence of Dr. ‎Widad Babiker Omar, the first lady and the head of board of directors of ‎SCF. Mrs. Samia pointed out that the cooperation agreement to provide ‎distinguished service and implementing projects that to assist low income ‎people in all states of Sudan.‎ For his part, Dr. Mohamed Abdelrazig said that the Zakat Chamber ‎welcomed the cooperation with SCF to achieve common interests and to ‎help the indigent families and those with limited income.‎

SCF executed Free Eye Camp in Al-Jazeera State

Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF), in cooperation with Atbara Cement Company executed a free eye camp for treating eye patients in Al-Aidaj, in Al-Jazeera State. The camp was held between 14-20 December. The General ‎Manager of SCF, Samia Osman assured that the main goal of the Camp was ‎to alleviate the suffering of the eye patients and to provide the medical care for (4000) patients. She further revealed that the camp included performing eye surgeries, eye checkup and distribution of free spectacles.