Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF) in partnership with the Sudanese Zakat Chamber handed over production means for small projects for indigent families. During her addressing at the handing ceremony, Samia Osman, The general manager of SCF Stated that the projects that were delivered include means for the manufacturing of pastries and soaps, agricultural projects and flour grinding mills. She confirmed the commitment of Sanad to marketing the manufactured products. She further said that the project will be implemented in other states .she revealed that the Camphor oil extracting device was of great use and was used to extract more than 12 volatile oils. For his part, the representative of the Sudanese Zakat Chamber, Dr. Hadi Hamid, said that the project beneficiaries’ were carefully selected to make sure that they can run the projects successfully. Furthermore, he accentuated the complete pledge of the Zakat Chamber to support the stalled projects.