The General Manager of Sanad Charity Foundation (SCF), Samia Mohamed ‎Osman and her counterpart at the Sudanese Zakat Chamber, Dr. ‎Mohamed Abdelrazig signed cooperation agreement aiming at exchanging ‎experiences and building bridges of communication between the two ‎institutes. The signing ceremony was honored by the presence of Dr. ‎Widad Babiker Omar, the first lady and the head of board of directors of ‎SCF. Mrs. Samia pointed out that the cooperation agreement to provide ‎distinguished service and implementing projects that to assist low income ‎people in all states of Sudan.‎ For his part, Dr. Mohamed Abdelrazig said that the Zakat Chamber ‎welcomed the cooperation with SCF to achieve common interests and to ‎help the indigent families and those with limited income.‎