Welcome to Capitol Hill’s neighbor hood marijuana dispensary that is medical.

You will see each of our great products and pre-order for on-site pickup through our site.

Learn to the site ensure you get your DC medical cannabis card and commence the application process today.

Visitors out of each and every suggest that problems medical cannabis cards are in a position to shop at MWC!

We just take great care to comprehend your requirements, and recommend the exact products that can help you the absolute most. Our patients tend to be more than simply clients, these are generally people in the MWC family members.

Each time you store with us, you will make points which can be redeemed for items or store credit. Additionally the more points you earn, the greater the benefits have.

This program is straightforward: after each and every purchase you may get a text saying exactly how numerous points you've received with a web link to see just what benefits you'll redeem.

See just what you'll want to legally do to buy cannabis

Be it in concentrates, edibles, or topicals - each of our cannabis is grown the following in Washington, DC. See behind the scenes of DC's cannabis cultivation, go on a then trip of Metropolitan Wellness Center.

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